robot valentines day cardIf the big wall o’ children’s Valentine’s cards at your local big box store fills you with dread, don’t despair. You’ve heard of DIY, but have you heard of DIYBWALHFTWD? This acronym came to us from Three Wheels Design owner Vicki Shields, and it stands for Do It Yourself But With A Little Help From Three Wheel Designs. Obviously.

It’s simple; you spend a few bucks on the Valentines Day card of your choice (I’m smitten with the robots, myself), and what you get is a ready-to-print PDF with six cards per standard sheet of paper. Print as many cards as you need, so you won’t be frazzled with that last minute “Oh I forgot about so-and-so.” This totally beats those overpriced boxes of dreck at the store. In price and in style. -Mir

Find your perfect printable valentines cards at the Three Wheels Design Etsy shop.