Kerchief bibs for kidsI admire the smart momtrepreneurs out there that have created alternabibs that don’t look like bibs. Because as I’ve made very clear, I really hate bibs. But I hate changing my 4-month old’s clothes three times a day even more than I hate bibs. So when I was introduced to Boopalina + bebe‘s fantastic modern kerchief bibs, I instantly fell in love.

Unlike some of the kerchief bibs I’ve seen, these are created from gorgeous vintage fabrics and organic bamboo and cotton. I’m seriously coveting the beautiful red flowers bib (pictured) or look: Tweed! Plus they actually work to suck up the drool and keep your baby’s clothes dry.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badgeBibs – the new baby fashion accessory. You heard it here first. -Kristen

You’ll find more amazing kerchief bibs and baby accessories at Boopalina + bebe!

Congratulations lucky kerchief bib winners – Kelly B, Tracy M, and Meghan H!