Mighty Buggy Hook for strollers
Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones – for every ten pitches we get for products you didn’t know you needed and really, still don’t, we get one for something like the Mighty Buggy Hook, which totally improves your stroller (and kind of your life).

From inventor/mom King-Yee Man who created the stroller cupholder that we loved last year, the Mighty Buggy Hook is equally as thoughtful. This clever little stroller accessory uses velcro to adapt to pretty much any stroller handle in a variety of configurations and a pair of them really are strong enough to hold your overstuffed diaper bag or tote full of Whole Foods impulse buys.

Just because these stroller hooks hold a lot though doesn’t mean you should hang much stuff off the back of your stroller that when your kid crawls out, the whole thing tips over. Raising hand sheepishly here. –Liz

Find the Mighty Buggy Stroller Hook at Think-King and no doubt a zillion retailers to come.

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