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Once you start a family, your home is in a continual state of flux– I need a nursery. I need to turn the nursery into a kid’s room. Oh shoot, I need to make it a nursery again. And ack, why didn’t anyone tell me that the toys would somehow breed overnight while we sleep and take over the living room? is a happy, happy beacon of goodness and as you redecorate, remodel, renovate or simply dream of doing any of the above. Use the decidedly non-pretentious site to find design inspiration, manage your design projects, or do a little shopping (with a dandy little section on cool kids’ design if you’re planning a nursery or playroom). You can even find an “insanely good architect” in your city.

Put together by uber advertising creative director Gary Goldsmith who went back to his design roots (and away from client requests to “make the logo
bigger”) you’ll love the conversational tone, the sensibility, even fun features like recommendations for redecorating the Obama White House. It starts with a Natuzzi glass coffee table, you know, for more transparency. Heh. –Liz

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