Cathy Heller Say Hello the Sun
an eight-year-old belt out a song about romantic love, or a
six-year-old mournfully sing about the end of high school is a bit
unsettling. Fortunately, I have found Cathy Heller, whose debut CD, Say Hello to the Sun,
gives my kids the type of melodic, dance-around-the-room pop music they
find irresistible, with parent-approved lyrics for kids too young to
even think about dating.

It’s Up to Me kicks off the CD with upbeat pop that
reminds me of the peppy positivity of Katrina and the Waves’ Walking on
mixed with a Go-Gos beat. Supergirl is a great anthem for
girls with lyrics like, Why don’t you just stay Clark Kent, I’ll take
care of the happy ending
. And
Cathy’s strong, clear voice on both the faster pop songs and the
softer ballads kicks the butt of some of the more commercialized,
digitally-enhanced voices out there.

Perhaps the best proof that Say Hello to the Sun
resonates with my kids is that they have already played it enough to be
able to belt out the lyrics along with Cathy. Thank goodness they can
relate to her message– since I don’t plan to let them experience dating
first hand until they are 25.-Christina

Get your own copy of
Say Hello to the Sun at Cathy Heller’s website.

Congratulations to Mary A and Nichole D, lucky winners of a copy of Say Hello to the Sun!

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