Lee-Lai Bath Teas natural bath products
I dug into my Mother’s Day stash of bubble baths recently only to realize that they are filled with tons of artificial chemicals and additives. Hardly a relaxing thought. Cyan Bonacci must have felt the same way since she created Lee-Lai Bathing Teas, which really are all natural.

Although A Little Lovin’ Calendula Milk Bath is technically for babies, I decided that if the blend of lavender buds, oats, calendula flowers and milk powder can relieve diaper rash and soothe a baby’s sensitive skin, it would probably work wonders on own winter-ravaged body. Behold, it did. Plus it smelled amazing.

There are four individual packages of bath tea and one reusable “tea bag” in each pack. Just add hot water, infuse and voila– bath time. With other bath tea blends including Rejuvenating, Mood Enhancing and even one to help you get over a cold, I now intend on making tea time a weekly ritual in my house, hold the cucumber sandwiches.–Betsy

Find the the full line of Lee-Lai Bathing Teas at  myleelai.com and save 50% off any one product with code COOLMOMS through March 31st.


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