Draw your own custom sneakers
I used to draw on my sneakers as a child. It drove my mother crazy. Guess what my kids do with their sneakers?

(I think my mom put them up to it.)

With Graffeeti shoes, though, kids can color away. The special markers work together with the shoe’s surface like a white board– write on, wipe off, again and again. Each pair of customizable kids’ sneakers comes with six colored pens, so your kids can change their shoes with their mood.

Plus, I love that the Graffeeti founders are committed to donating a portion of each shoe purchase price to children’s charities (like money to Ronald McDonald House, and shoes to Children’s Cup, to name just a couple). That’s always in style. -Mir

Get all four styles of Graffeeti’s color-your-own-shoes at shops like Kitson or online at Graffeeti.

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