Organic muslin washcloths for babies and kids
Since falling in love with muslin swaddling blankets, I’ve donated most of my daughter’s other blankets to my kids’ play bin. So when Jessica Burros of the shop Bambino Land told me she was designing muslin wash cloths, I scrambled to get my hands on them — and they did not disappoint.

If you can manage to wean yourself off terry, you’ll find the super soft muslin squares are perfect for wee baby bums, but are still large enough to work for older kids. They’re extremely durable but get softer after each wash, so unless you’ve got a washcloth thief in the house (seriously, where do they all go?), then you’ll have these for a good long time. -Kristen

Visit Bambino Land for these muslin baby washcloths and a slew of wonderful organic baby gifts.

Congratulations to Neha B, lucky winner of the Bambino Land burp cloths and muslin swaddlers!

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