Rick Springfield My Precious Little One lullaby CD
My love affair with Rick started when I was just young girl and I heard Jessie’s Girl come blasting on the radio. Twenty something years later, it’s still my favorite song of all time. (And there is a video of me singing it at a karaoke bar somewhere in New York City to prove it.)

Imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Rick Springfield had a new album coming out — and it was one that I could share with my daughter.

My Precious Little One is a collection of lullabies he wrote for his own two boys. After rediscovering them in the back of a drawer, he decided to record them and share with the world.

My 4-year-old loved the music and immediately begin trying to sing along. I thought the songs were sweet, especially knowing the backstory. At times some of the instrumentals were a bit distracting, but overall, I really enjoyed each and every song.

More importantly, so did my daughter. She has already asked that I play My Precious Little One instead of hearing her normal bedtime story and

I was happy to honor her request. Because I can’t think of of anyone’s voice I’d rather hear than Rick Springfield’s just before I close my eyes and fall asleep. –CMP Guest Contributor and major Rick Springfield fan, Yvonne

The My Precious Little One lullaby album is available exclusively for sale and download at Amazon or you can learn more about it on Rick Springfield’s website.

Congratulations to Ashley C, Cathryn E, Erin T, Mufi H, and Tami F – lucky winners of My Precious Little One!

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