Flipper toothbrush holder
So here’s one for the germaphobes: My kids run around the house with their little toothbrushes, leaving them under the couch and next to the dog bowl, then put them back in the big glass on the sink right next to mine. Gak! I’m thinking it’s time for a toothbrush isolationist movement around here.

I loved the Flipper toothbrush holder when we discovered it last year, but hadn’t considered using one for myself — probably because I’m not really a pink hippo or blue koala bear kind of a gal. But now they’ve got really beautiful adult toothbrush holders with a more sophisticated design and I’m all over it.

The holder suctions right to the wall and keeps each individual toothbrush in its own safe, happy, sanitary home. Sign me up for four. –Liz

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