Kids' treehouse bed by KidtropolisMaybe you’re in the mood to daydream, or maybe you’ve had your near-limitless wealth stuffed in your mattress all this time (in which case: Hi! I’m available for adoption!), but either way, if you want to let your most fanciful kid decor fantasies run wild, head over to Kidtropolis.

They don’t just custom-build beautiful kids’ furniture, they design entire kid-friendly spaces. So in the case of this amazing Magic Tree House, that means the treehouse itself houses the bed, but you also get… a tree trunk and painted tree canopy, as well as every piece of furniture and every iota of decor that coordinates with the outdoor, woodsy theme.

If you’re trying to imagine a number, let’s just say there are four zeros in there.

So dream away, or spend away. Pampered kids = stimulated economy, you know. -Mir

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