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navy blond & blond girls' dress
checked blond & blond dress for girls

It was only a matter of time before Mad Men fashion trickled down to the youngsters and we started seeing tailored mid-century styles on the kiddos. I just didn’t think it was going to come from Europe.

I just got a look at the 50’s inspired girls’ dresses from Blond & Blond at Zazou and am swooning. (Hear that sound? Yes! That’s it – me swooning.) Yeah so they’re like 65 bucks each plus overseas shipping. But I’m kind of thinking we could skip dinners for a few nights and grab a couple. That’s just how much I like them.

Mamas of little lads: Check out the sporty boys’ shirts too. They’ll totally make you want to go out and start kicking a soccer ball. –Liz

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