Bumbleride Indie Twin double strollerI had forsaken double strollers because, let’s face it, they are gigantic monstrous beasts that can hardly be tamed by one poor mother. The front-to-back strollers made me feel like I was pushing a huge shopping cart, and the side-by-side strollers inevitably tick one of my kids off because they can’t agree on the canopy or the seat position.

But when I met the Bumbleride Indie Twin, it completely changed my mind about double strollers. Set up like two really swanky side-by-side single strollers, the Bumbleride gives each kiddo separate footrests, hoods, and backrests, along with a super comfy and safe ride. It easily accommodates infants in their car seat carriers through preschoolers, but is only 29 inches wide, so yes, you’ll make it through the doorway.

I’m a fan of the adjustable handle height, the cargo basket’s got loads of room, and of course,  that incredibly smooth, easy ride, even on concrete. If you’ve got twins, or two kids fairly close in age, do yourself a favor and make life extraordinarily easier by adding this to your arsenal of baby gear. -Kristen

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