Gifted By Nature pampering body products
Honestly, I’m not that into bath salts and scrubs and fancy pampering- maybe because my shower lengths are too often determined by how long I can stand to hear the baby cry.  

But I do understand the advantages of smelling nice, which is why gift boxes of organic body care products always make a perfect gift for a new mom. I recently checked out the organic and eco-friendly products from Gifted by Nature and really loved the rose-ylang ylang-patchouli products. This warm, earthy, comforting scent that comes in body oil, salt scrub and more and has made more than one human in my family hug me and not want to let go.

Let’s just say this one is for our European readers or those looking to send a Mother’s Day gift there – Gifted by Nature, sadly (at least for me) is based in Dublin. -Carrie


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