Tiny Sweets Felt Hair Barrette
Now that I have added another daughter to my brood, I have an extra excuse to shop for hair accessories. If I could, I’d go with absolutely every handmade girls’ hair clip from the amazing mom-owned Tiny Sweets. I know, I know. That doesn’t really help you choose. Just hop over there and you’ll see what I mean.

 At the top of my list is the Pretty Yellow Bloom felt hair clip (pictured), which is adorable even without a lick of pink. But if you still need a dose of the girly color palette, then the Pink Flower Bloom barrette will not disappoint.

Lucky for me, I’ve got an oldest daughter with hair. So I can show these gorgeous hair clips off on her while I wait for the baby girl to start growing some locks, which in my family generally takes about two years. Sigh. -Kristen

Visit Tiny Sweets for a slew of beautiful girl’s hair barrettes.

Congratulations to lucky winner Shannon B!


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