JuiceBox Jungle - discussing modern parenting
For the last few weeks, we’ve been following the launch of the offbeat online video series for parents, JuiceBoxJungle, and we like what we’re starting to see. Each episode takes on the kinds of topics that moms like to discuss (or stress about) from co-sleeping, to dads helping around the house, to this week’s episode, Losing It — which is not about virginity — thank God! I’m not ready! — but losing your temper in front of the kids.

The videos, from two moms and former HBO execs, present different points of view from parents which are at times funny and entertaining — check out the little kid revealing that daddy lets the curse words fly. There are also some facts and expert parenting tips thrown in help you figure out how to forge out your own parenting path. Because really, don’t we mamas need all the help we can get?

When you want to weigh in — which you know you will — you can comment on the site, or even embed the video on your own blog and rant about it there, so that your own blog post appears on JuiceBoxJungle’s site. Hi, traffic.

But maybe the coolest part is the little weekly poll in the sidebar that asks “Is TV a waste of time?” So far a full 100% of respondents have answered “Yup, and that’s just fine.” Those are my kind of people.  –Liz

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