Green Elly natural baby skin care
When my local supermarket carries twenty different baby skin care lines, it’s clear there’s a lot to choose from out there. I can’t keep track of what should or should not go on my baby’s skin and who is or who isn’t using the most environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods.

I can, however, notice when a baby is clean. And when a baby smells amazing. And when a baby’s skin is not irritated by all the stuff I’m rubbing on it.

Green Elly, a cool new parent-run brand, has put out an ultra-green baby skin care line that I just love. They have two kinds of natural baby wash, a silky baby body cream, and yummy diaper balm. And a portion of the proceeds from their baby massage gel, which Green Elly designed for use in massage therapy for kids with special needs, goes towards autism research. Their products are free of all the common skin irritants, parabens, phthalates and fragrances, and the divine smell comes from natural shea butter and essential oils.

Look through the website and you can find all sorts of information about what makes their company green and their kids’ bath products safe for delicate baby skin. But I was convinced when, 5 minutes after smoothing the lotion on my boy’s red cheeks, they were no longer irritated. And he was asleep. –Carrie

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