When we finally joined this century and got a Wii, the kids received a pile of games over the holidays from family. And do you suppose that the most expensive games–the ones the kids begged for for months–are the ones that they play the most? Of course not.

No problem, I thought. We’ll just rent games before buying. We went to our local store and I was astonished to learn that a single video game rental was $7, and that’s just for a few days. In some cases, that’s only half what it costs to buy it. Craziness.

You can color me a happy mama since discovering GameFly. Kind of like a Netflix for games–Wii, PS3, XBox, Nintendo DS, you name it–you pay your monthly fee, and keep each game as long as you like with no late fees. That means we can take our time with the hits, and send back the duds. If we find a really great one, we can even buy it from them. Sold. -Mir

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