With two craft-loving girls, I have enough kids’ art supplies in my home to start a small store. That said, I have never seen anything like the adorable set of paint-your-own nesting dolls from Kookle and know my kids would go ga-ga
over this kit.

Like traditional Russian Matryoshka dolls, these five wooden figures all nest inside the largest doll. The enclosed paints and brushes make it a snap to paint the wooden dolls yourself without having to buy extra art supplies.

My kids could try to go traditional and paint each nesting doll in similar garb but I’d love if they could paint a doll to look like each one of my mother’s five grandchildren and give the set to her as a Mother’s Day gift. The options really are endless, but whatever they decide, I know that these five little dolls will mean more to them than just another craft kit. –Christina

Pick up a paint-your-own Kookle Nesting Doll kit from Sparrow.