When I started keeping a gratitude journal with my daughter a  few years back, I was struck by her comment one night at bedtime: “Doing this makes me so happy.” All the research I’ve seen seems to support her reaction; keeping lists of the things you’re thankful for makes you happier in the long run, and helps us find positivity even when things are difficult.

With a renewed focus on gratitude right now, and into this coming holiday season–and with earlier sunsets coming to make our evenings a little dreary–we are turning to these 5 printable gratitude journal pages to help our children process their feelings and stay in touch with a very important value.

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Updated for 2023

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Printable gratitude journal pages: Gratitude jar at Space and QuietIf working on expressing gratitude is a family goal, then print a big copy of this free printable gratitude jar page from Space and Quiet to post on the wall. Ask each member of your family to contribute to it each day; you’ll find that maintaining this chart together can help build more positivity through your whole family.

Printable gratitude journals: Ray of Sunshine page at Scattered PrintablesIf your kids are into bullet journaling, this printable Ray of Sunshine gratitude journal at Scattered Printable (under $3) will be a great addition to their books. I bought this page for my own kids, and we add to it each day as part of our morning routine. The rainbow of happy memories each month is so nice to look back over.

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Printable gratitude journal templates that help you set intentions for each day | via Design My Wall PrettyPrintable 5-minute  gratitude journal including pages that are perfect for kids | via design my wall prettyI love the idea of this 5-minute printable gratitude journal that functions more like a planner. It’s an affordable download ($1) from Design My World Pretty that includes three different pages. I love that they encourage think ahead to what you want to do during the day, to jot a daily affirmation, to set intentions for spreading kindness, and especially the prompt “I am going to make today amazing by ______”, which is an important exercise to help kids remember have agency in their own lives. Also check out the second page, which is perfect for younger kids, allowing them to draw their day or list out 5 things they like about themselves.

Free printable gratitude journal pages and prompts: Free downloads via Kitchen Table ClassroomThe free printable gratitude journal templates and prompts from Kitchen Table Classroom are just wonderful. You’ll find the packet full of activities to help build a positive attitude about thankfulness and gratitude in your kids. It’s available free to her subscribers, so subscribe! (NOTE: You’ll need to scroll down the page to find the sign-up form) We imagine you’ll find so many more wonderful things you love from her as well.

Gratitude journal printable: The Artisan LifeIf your child is a doodler who doesn’t need highly directed prompts on a gratitude journal page, this cute free printable gratitude journal page from Natasha at The Artisan Life will be right up their alley. I love that you can keep track of your thankful thoughts week to week, and I’d encourage my kids to store each one in a binder so we could look back at them on those days they’re having trouble finding gratitude for the good things in our lives.