Now that the weather is actually starting to be spring-like in these parts, the kids are asking for ice cream. So I was thinking that maybe this year, to save a bit of cash, we’d do more delicious frozen treat making instead of delicious frozen treat buying, which got me on a hunt for cool popsicle molds.

I found what I was looking for from a company called Tovolo which sells at a lot of professional chef stores as well as Amazon. There’s a funky shooting star popsicle mold, the nostalgic favorite rocket pop mold (above) and a groovy pop mold, which, well I’m not entirely certain what that means unless squiggly lines are groovy. But it looks nice.

If you want to turn it into a gift, you can also grab a popsicle recipe book like Pops!: Icy Treats for Everyone which I haven’t tried myself but gets nice reviews. Otherwise, just click on Tavolo and download free popsicle recipes. I’m all about that “watermelon wonder.”

Yum, just a few more weeks.

Find popsicle molds from Tavolo on our affiliate Amazon

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