Gogglemates for kids' swim goggles protect hair
I love that my older two kids are such enthusiastic swimmers. They’re literally in the pool all year long, but that also gives them ample opportunity to complain about how their swim goggle straps pull their hair. So when I heard about Gogglemate, I crossed my fingers and hoped that this might be the solution to our goggle woes. (Come on – don’t you have goggle woes?)

These nifty little neoprene strips — decorated with a variety of fun motifs, like dolphins and palm trees — cover that clingy rubber goggle strap so that it slides easily over a child’s extra-sensitive head. The Gogglemate not only stays in place while your kids swim — it keeps your kids’ swim goggles floating on their own.

You might be thinking that Gogglemate is one of those nice-to-have doodads, but not really necessary. Tell me that again after you’ve had to use scissors to remove a pair of swim goggles from your child’s head. -Julie

Find Gogglemate swim goggle strap covers at the Gogglemate website

Congratulations to lucky Gogglemate winners Beth M, Carrie A, and Rebekah W!

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