Bunny baby lovie from Petite Miette
I’ve noticed this odd thing about lovies and security blankets — the kids never like the ones I like. If it’s soft, even if it’s ugly, they dig it. Go figure.

But in the case of the fleece Mini Miette baby lovie from the luxury eco-consicious label Petite Miette, both my kids and I are smitten This sweet colorful (or all white if you prefer) organic fleece blanket has that soft, worn feel that babies adore, but the topper is the cuter than cute little bunny rabbit head on top. Seriously, seriously cute. As in, I want to eat his head.

There’s also a new organic fleece bunny doll from Petite Miette, which together with the lovie would make a superb new baby/big sibling gift. Provided the big sibling isn’t like 27.  –Liz

Find the Mini Miette baby lovie and Miette bunny doll at the new Petite Miette online shop. and (now extended!) save 20% on online orders through 8/31/09 with code CMP20 at checkout!

Congratulations to lucky winner Dori K!

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