Recess Monkeys Field Trip
The first time I heard Recess Monkey a few weeks back, I instantly fell in love with their unique sound and smart lyrics. This Seattle based three-man band combines kooky with clever in their new album, Field Trip, to create songs that you and your kids will be singing to long after the CD is over — at least if ours are any indication.

I’m digging what sounds like everything from classic rock to grunge influences, but appreciate how they don’t sound like a tribute band, or worse, a bunch of guys who just decided they’d try to make it big (ha) doing kids’ music. At the top of my playlist is Sack Lunch, a fun anthem reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, with its own funky twist.

The group has definitely found a way to engage even young kids without parents secretly wanting to mute the volume. In fact, I was more than happy when I got one of their family-friendly songs stuck in my head. Chalk that up as another thing I never thought I’d say as a parent. -Kristen

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Recess Monkey‘s new kids’ music CD Field Trip is available on their website and at CD Baby

Congratulations to Shana F, lucky winner of an autographed copy of a Recess Monkey CD!

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