BOB jogging stroller
I consider myself quite a connoisseur of strollers. Having lived in the city, in urban suburbia, and in the suburbs proper, I know that owning a variety of strollers can be as essential as owning a variety of handbags.

My latest stroller find is the BOB. Say it aloud; it’s got a cult-like sound to it, and for good reason. These babies are amazing. We’ve owned a few jogging-slash-multi purpose strollers, and the BOB, in my view, puts them all to shame.

After trying one out for the last few weeks, the BOB’s attention to detail is what really sold me. The sun canopy extends far enough that it actually blocks the sun. The five-point harness is incredibly easy to adjust, which is especially helpful for those of us ferrying kids of varying ages and sizes over the course of a day.  I love the two interior seat pockets which reign in runaway sippy cups, plus the groovy modern color combinations make the BOB a standout too.

Not sure you’re part of the BOB revolution since you don’t take your stroller off-roading? Think again. Take their  “Which BOB is right for me?” quiz to match up with the three-wheeled love of your life. -Julie

Find BOB strollers and accompanying accessories like the infant carrier attachment at online retailers REI and our affiliate

Win your very own BOB stroller!
We’re not giving away a Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller but BOB is — to the lucky winner of the BOB neighborhood contest. And we’d love one of our readers to be the winner. Between now and June 29, just send BOB a photo of yourself sporting your workout gear, the more creative, the better. See their site for details.

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