Regal Entertainment Free Family Film Festival
Call me frugal, or cheap, or just a big old party pooper, but there’s just no way I can rationalize taking three young kids to the movies these days when all they really do is gorge themselves on popcorn and bounce around in the big seats.

But this summer–with apologies to the other guests in the theater–I think we’re going to be enjoying a break from the hot Atlanta sun with free movies courtesy of Regal Entertainment. As part of their summer free family film festival, Regal Theaters will be showing various G and PG flicks at 10am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all summer long. You can catch everything from Curious George to Flicka to Star Wars: Clone Wars and even newer releases like Horton Hears a Who (if you can handle it) absolutely free. FREE!

Check to see which of your local theaters are participating and mark your calendars. You’ll probably want to get there early since you can only snag a reservation the day of the movie. And best of all, now you can justify spending $14 on a couple of bags of Twizzlers and a “small” soda filled with way too much ice. -Kristen

[thanks amy!]

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