Super Cook recipe search On a good week, I plan our meals but in reality, I sometimes find myself facing a nearly-empty fridge, wondering what I can cobble together for dinner out of half a lemon, some mustard, and a handful of mushrooms. (Oh, like that’s never happened to you.)

Thanks to SuperCook, those what-to-make-for-dinner panics are a thing of the past. Simply type in the ingredients you have on hand and it generates a list of links to recipes from tried and true sites like Epicurious,, and Recipezaar. It even sorts by missing ingredients, so you don’t have to wrack your brain for every last item in your pantry — it’ll offer a recipe with a “You will also need…” list at the bottom so you’ll know even before you click whether you have the additional ingredients it requires. I also like that it remembers me from visit to visit, too, so no need to retype the
whole list every time.

At some point it would be nice if the ingredients were a little more specific; the current site doesn’t distinguish between fresh and dried herbs and there’s only one linguini recipe (have to search spaghetti). Other than that, it’s pretty hard to stump. And considering my pantry right now, that’s saying something. -Mir

Use the recipe finder at  Supercook

[thanks minde!]