Baby Daze organizerThe joke about the second child’s baby book being empty is actually a reality for most parents I know; by the time you’ve done it once before, you’re less likely to have the interest (or time) in recording every little thing. But for the ever-earnest new parent, the idea of recording the kid’s every bottle and burble and coo is fairly magical.

Then again, by the second kid you can rarely remember what you did five minutes ago, so having an organizational aid may come in handy then, too. I know I often wished I’d written down whether or not I’d eaten lunch already.

The third edition of the Baby Daze organizer is optimized for quick entry of any and all information you might want to track about the baby. From milestones to how much you last pumped, it all goes into one handy binder that is a perrenial fave with CMP readers. And that baby gift tracker is a godsend.

Baby Daze is just a fantastic baby shower gift for the wannabe-uber-organized mom-to-be. Which, at least in the beginning, is all of us. -Mir

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Congratulations to Laura M, lucky winner of a Baby Daze organizer!