Billy Jonas' Happy Accidents kids' music CD
The fact that Billy Jonas’ Knock Knock song has taught my kids a bunch of jokes that are actually funny is alone worth the price of his new CD, Happy Accidents. But on top of that, Happy Accidents has loads of smart, humor-full and funky, world-music folk songs that still sound fresh months after we first stuck it into our CD player.

The Asheville, NC based singer (no, he’s not related to the Jonas Brothers) has a way with words and plays with them in wonderfully eclectic ways, from What Kind of Dog Are You?, a play-along song that ends up sounding like a Mardi Gras party, to One Tutu Too Many,
which turns into an absurd tongue-twister of the highest degree. There
are a lot of musical influences on this CD coming from the 40 or so local
musicians who lent their voices and creativity, including one of our
favorites, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.

Let’s just say I enthusiastically hit the replay button even before the kids have a chance to ask. –Christina

Pick up your own copy of Billy Jonas’ Happy Accidents from CD Baby.

Congratulations to Abbey D, lucky winner of a copy of Happy Accidents!

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