Vivesana Natural Baby SunscreenWith the next few months spent almost daily at the pool, my kids and I are everyday sunscreen wearers. And this summer, I hereby announce that my children will be covered in Vivesana, a 70% organic and 100% natural sunscreen that’s clearly different than anything I’ve ever used before.

Carefully formulated with awesomely natural ingredients like olive oil and green tea extract and devoid of any chemicals or synthetics, Vivesana is like a fabulous body lotion that just so happens to be a 42 SPF sunscreen. It’s so gentle you can use it on little ones who aren’t technically supposed to be wearing sunscreen, which beats trying to wrestle with the stupid clip-on umbrella over the stroller every time you turn the corner and the sun direction shifts.

Vivesana is a bit more expensive than ordinary sunscreen, and because it’s thicker it takes a little longer to put on. But keep in mind that means you use half as much (if not less) than you might usually use.

I love how the company is truly dedicated to natural and eco-friendly practices – from the unique and recyclable aluminum packaging to the full disclosure of every single ingredient right on their website. Oh–and it really works. -Kristen

Visit Vivesana for more about their all natural and organic sunscreen.

[thanks heather!]