Kids' board shorts by Haiden Surf
I may have mentioned once or forty times that our family spends a lot of time in the pool.  Which means that we buy bathing suits and board shorts as part of the new baby layette.  Problem is, it’s not that easy to find cool swimwear sized for surfer dudes under a year old.

Haiden Surf has solved that problem for pool-going families like mine with their super-cool kids’ board shorts for little guys. These big kid styles come in infant sizes as small as three months, and unlike other adult fashions that look dorky on kids, boardies are totally adorable on even the littlest aspiring surfer — just check out that fabulous Burberry inspired little prepster plaid board short. Plus the coordinating toddler styles make a perfect big-little brother combo if you’re going for the matchy look.

Consider picking up a pair as a gift for a new little guy. Chances are good his mother won’t have already bought a bathing suit for him, and chances are even better she’ll be profoundly grateful on that first ninety-degree, perfect pool weather day. -Julie

Find board shorts for babies and kids at Haiden Surf


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