handmade cloud mobilesWhen it comes to mobiles, we always prefer the handmade, battery-free versions that can do double duty as beautiful wall decor. And I’m so happy to have discovered the selection from The Butter Flying–in fact my immediate response to the cloud mobiles was “Gorgeous!”

The fluffy felt clouds hover over colorful raindrops, which artist Sylvie can design to match the color scheme of your child’s room. I would totally put the fish mobile  (made from paint chips, how cool is that?) up on the wall in my son’s room now, and he’s 9. So that says a little something about the lifespan of these mobiles, as opposed to the musical Pooh bears you see around.

You also have to check out the beautiful paper garlands and flowers that I’m eyeing for my family room. Most of the mobiles cost $15, which is pretty amazing for handmade, one-of-kind creations, and inexpensive enough that you can buy several to create a truly original look.–Betsy

You can find the cloud and  fish mobiles and other exquisite handmade designs at The Butter Flying.

Congratulations to Marni F, lucky winner of a cloud mobile!