Skooch Urban Cool Collection Diaper Bags Whenever I buy a diaper bag I try to make it as gender-neutral as possible so my husband feels comfortable using it as well.  It never occurred to me to just get him his own so that I could have my cute and girlie diaper bag all to myself.

Fortunately he’s all over the Urban Cool Collection of daddy diaper bags from Skooch. They’re all manly and big and tough with lots of pockets and plenty of patterns with nary a polkadot or paisley in sight. Did I say big? They are huge, so probably overkill for a quick run to the store, but great for a full day out and especially perfect for traveling.

Attached straps to convert it easily into a stroller bag, but I particularly like that it comes with an oversized changing pad. That way he’s got no excuse for bringing home anyone with a dirty diaper. So really, it’s a good Father’s Day gift for both of you, even f you never ever touch it. –Carrie

Find daddy diaper bags from Baby Skooch now on sale for $99 (down from $135) in time for a Father’s Day gift. To order, email