NPR Driveway Moments for DadsWhen I saw that NPR had put out a collection of radio stories called NPR Driveway Moments for Dads, I wanted to kiss the radio in gratitude for helping me in my quest for a perfect Father’s Day gift. Not only is my husband an enormous NPR fan, he also has a commute that requires him to spend chunks of time alone in his car (something I envy a great deal some mornings).

I’m confident that this 2-CD set will be sure to hit all the main emotional jugulars, from laugh-out-loud stories to dab-at-your-eyes tales of fatherhood. Although the stories are culled from the archives of NPR’s Morning and Weekend Edition shows and All Things Considered, I’m not worried that my husband will have heard them all before. After all, the stories originally aired at least three years ago, and my beloved can’t remember what I told him yesterday.

The only thing that concerns me is that, knowing NPR’s penchant for great storytelling, he won’t be able to shut off the CD when he pulls into the garage. Although I suppose that’s when I’ll send the kids down to him and take advantage of some quiet moments to myself. –Christina

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