Sand Sac beach toys for kids
When I find myself packing our bags for a beach side vacation, I always look for ways to cut back on the number of space-hogging things we’re taking. With the SandSac they can bring their sand pail and shovel without taking up too much precious luggage space. No kidding.

This collapsible square cotton canvas beach pail can squish down to fit into our bags, then open up for collecting sea shells, rocks and even the occasional sea creature–temporarily of course. Or fill it with sand using the renewable bamboo shovel and flip it over to make sandcastles. And, since no sandcastle is complete without a moat, my kids were thrilled to find that the canvas SandSac can even carry water up and down the beach.

One of my favorite things about the family-invented SandSac is that it comes with a set of non-toxic fabric markers so that each of my kids can personalize their own bag. But if you’re smart, you’ll hide the markers in your suitcase and pull them out for the first rainy day on vacation. Just in case. –Christina

The SandSac is available online at Planet Happy Toys.

Congratulations to Natalie, lucky winner of the Sandsac, bamboo shovel and fabric markers!

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