Pishposh Mommy Quick Zip Bag
Considering my bag addiction, now infamous with my husband and our credit card company if not all of you, I can’t believe I’m about to tell you how to avoid buying another diaper bag.

Thanks to the Pishposh Mommy quick zip bag, you can turn any decent-sized handbag you own into a diaper bag in about two seconds flat. Even this season’s hobos, which are rarely stellar in the lots of pockets department. Just pop in the attractive quick zip bag which has a a water-resistant lining and pockets inside and out. You’re done.

 Best of all, when you want to switch bags for the day, just zip the bag shut and transfer all your diapering accoutrement from the Fendi to the Prada. Or the 9 West to the knock-off Gucci from the guy on the street corner? I know, there’s a recession. –Kristen

You’ll find the quick zip and pullstring bags at Pishposh Mommy.

Congratulations to Sarah D, lucky winner of the pink swirls Pishposh Mommy bag!


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