TomBoy Tools - pink tool set
I don’t consider myself to be particularly girlie, but when I was forced to install the safety gate at the top of our staircase, I realized that my screwdriver and wrench skills were not on the level with say, my straightening iron skills.

I hope it doesn’t offend the feminists among us that I am really liking the idea behind TomBoy Tools. They’re not so much girlie tools, as really smart ones with sizing and ergonomic details that are suited to women. You’ll find everything from hand tools, to gardening tools, even emergency auto supplies – all no, they’re not all pink either.

However I am really digging the Pink Auto Kit, that’s perfect for a new driving teen, or even just to keep in your own car “just in case.” Or snag the Super Stepper, a complete set of hand tools and accessories that’s stored in a step stool. And I really like how much the company contributes to cancer research.

Considering how long it takes my husband to make it through the honey-do list, I’m happy I can more easily knock off a few items on my own now. -Kristen

Find tools made for women at TomBoy Tools



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