mi k babe tote bagSay that you need a giant-sized tote bag for the beach next weekend — or if you’re a family of geeks like mine, your library
books — and you’re just not the preppy major-label canvas tote type.

And say that you not only want something earth-friendly and a little
funky, you’d really like it if it came from a company that’s
employing and empowering women and dedicated to paying
it forward.

Say all of those things, and you have mi k babe
and their four fabulous bag options. Whether you choose hemp, Recyclon
or organic cotton, you’re getting a
super-sturdy, eco-fashionable, oversize tote that’s brimming with good
karma. (Just ignore all the kutesie names that start with k’s.) The fact that everyone will be asking where you got it is just
the icing on the cake. -Mir

Find your eco-friendly tote bag at mi k babe.