One More Story children's reading libraryWe’ve all been there; the kid has found his Most Favorite Book Ever, and he wants to hear it over and over. Sure, you were a patient and loving model parent the first 5,000 times, but after that I think you get a pass.

With One More Story, not only your kid get his book fix, he can start learning how to read on his own, too. Their online library of awesome children’s books (about 50 so far of both old classics and new favorites) allows your child to view and listen to the actual book pages on screen, with a professional narrator and custom scoring. Ooh, fancy. Or switch to “I Can Read It” mode where your child can click on individual words to hear them sounded out. So much cooler than the electronic reading toys that do the same thing and really only come with books that support an animated movie.

$15 for endless recitations of the Most Favorite Book Ever and dozens more too? Sounds like a bargain to me. -Mir

Sign up for the 3-month Summer Reading Special at One More Story for just $15 with code summer.