Bella Tunno kids' headscarf
We have been fans of Bella Tunno baby products since the early days, before little retailers like Target discovered how cool they were. It’s been a while since I visited their site (they don’t need us any more, sniff) and was intrigued by the new kids headscarves they’re offering.

I’ve always liked headscarves as an alternative to hats on kids, but usually these kinds of things fall flat in execution with lightweight fabrics and elastic that’s an afterthought both in style and function. But in this case, the big fat swath of high-quality elastic means the scarves totally stay on – both my 2 year old and 4 year old.

I think the patchwork-y mixed fabric styling totally work in a “more is more” sort of a way. But if you want a little less more? Just reverse them. Each scarf work both ways.  –Liz

Find children’s headscarves and baby gifts at Bella Tunno and save 20% off the entire site through 7/31/09 with code MOMPICKS20 !

Congratulations to Lisa S, lucky winner of a Bella Tunno headscarf!


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