I’m always on the lookout for websites that can help me with my neglected crafty side, like tips, tutorials, and ideas for cool new projects. I’m feeling the inspiration from the talented folks at Cut Out and Keep.

Basically this member-centric site lets you post pictures of your recent craft endeavors (recipes too), tutorials of favorite projects, or your version of another member’s project.  I can browse in awe and find projects I would attempt with the kids, although the focus here isn’t at all crafts for moms.

I like how the site is laid out with each post represented by a picture, rather than thread-style. It helps me jump to the projects that are most interesting to me, like the eco-coaster and summer lanterns made out of your old mismatched tea lights and mason jars, all without having to wade through the stuff I don’t like (or, more often, is way out of my league).

A bonus is Snippets, the Cut Out and Keep online magazine, where for the first time I heard about swishing (clothing swap parties) and street knitting. The whole site makes me feel connected to a community outside of momsville (which is a nice escape), and like my crafty side actually stands a fighting chance. –Carrie

Find fantastic craft tutorials and a wonderful crafting community with more than 20,000 members at Cut Out and Keep

[photo: fabric scrap baskets via the sometimes crafter]