The Hipwaders Goodie Bag kids' music albumAt only 16 minutes long, The Hipwaders EP, Goodie Bag may be short but
it’s still the perfect little morsel of
music for a quick drive across town, or to get us moving during a
speed-cleanup session before company arrives.

This Bay Area threesome
have a toe-tapping, jangly guitar sound and smart, quirky lyrics that remind me of They Might Be
Giants and Barenaked Ladies. But it’s the minor-chords in  songs like What’s That Noise? that give the CD a very cool edge that make it sound even more grown up.

My kids especially
like Field Trip‘s outer space sound, and the funky title track which features some scat singing and wah-wah guitar. And, I’m working on getting the “pleaseandthankyou” chorus to Things
You Want
embedded into their heads. –Christina

The Hipwaders Goodie Bag is available at CD Baby.