Children's Superga Sneakers with lacesWhile I appreciate the joys of velcro as much as the next mom, I’m worried that if I don’t start introducing actual shoe laces to my 4 year-old soon she’ll be learning to tie her sneakers in college. (Right about when she starts eating protein and sleeping all night in her own bed, I’d guess.)

The classic Italian Superga sneakers in kids and toddler sizes–with actual old skool shoelaces–are calling my name. Those canvas tops over the thick white rubber soles feel like Vans, only more Mediterranean Coast than Zuma Beach. I’m reallllly digging navy shoes these days which look snazzy in summer and fall, but all the bold red, orange, or pink look pretty great too.

And if you really can’t part with the easy on/easy off? They make Superga sneakers with velcro too which makes getting out of the house a wee bit easier in the morning. –Liz

Find Superga sneakers for toddlers and children online at their website.