Keepsake photo bannerIf I had my way, birthday decorations would be limited to a couple of mylar balloons. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a good birthday celebration. It’s just that when you pile on the streamers and the birthday signs and the confetti (oh how I loathe the confetti), you’re either stuck with a ton of post-party trash or a box of junk that you’ve got to figure out where to store.

But at this year’s party, we’ll have two balloons and a lovely keepsake photo banner from Mary Had a Little Party. Mom of two Kristen Davis takes your photos and turns them into an adorable, festive banner that’s perfect for birthdays, a baby shower, or any special occasion. Each banner is custom created based on your specifications and color preferences, and really adds a personal touch to any celebration.

And if you’re like me and aren’t so great with keeping up any sort of photo album, I like the idea of making this a regular birthday tradition and including your fave pictures from the entire year. That is, if you can pare them down. -Kristen

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