Alexander Girard alphabet blocks
My heart is going thumpity-thump on seeing the new Alexander Girard alphabet blocks by House Industries. Yes okay, so the set is 100 bucks at maXimo design but the truth is, if I add up all the disposable plastic toys we’ve received for the kids, I could have owned about 60 of these sets–and actually owned something my kids could hand down to their own kids.

The blocks, besides being utterly gorgeous in both color and typography, are all US made out of sustainable Michigan-grown basswood. (Love the idea of supporting Michigan industry these days.) And of course the inks are non-toxic and safe for curious little fingers and mouths. Although for $100 I think I’d save them until we certain we were past the “eat your toys” stage. –Liz

Find Alexander Girard alphabet blocks from House Industries on sale at maXimo

[via modmom]


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