Organic baby food by Tasty BabyRecently Liz and I attended the Fancy Food Show in New York where we found Tasty Baby, a line of frozen organic baby foods that may just cause me to exceed my superlatives usage quotient for the day. How do I know that this baby food tastes amazing? Because I inhaled a cup of Bangos (banana + mangos) while standing at the booth and then brazenly asked for another one — despite the fact I have no babies.

This mom-run, eco-friendly, and very charitable company offers products for every stage of development, all of which are gluten-free, unsweetened, and blast-frozen so they don’t need preservatives. And they’ve each got cheeky names that just make me smile, like Corn in the USA and Hip 2B Pear, for newborns. Once the teeth start coming in, trade up to inventive stage 2 foods like Bollywood Baby. (Cumin for kids? Who knew?) Plus each package comes with three resealable BPA-free plastic cups that are incredibly convenient, especially if you’re on the go.

The line may all be geared for babies, but I can tell you first-hand that it would be great tossed in a lunch bag, mixed into a smoothie or yogurt, or just a plain snack on the run. Yeah, that’s right, I eat baby food, stop judging me.–Betsy

Find Tasty Baby organic baby food in stores like Whole Foods, or have them shipped for free from our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Monet, lucky winner of a starter case of Tasty Baby!