Sub-Studio Design Wise Old Owl
There’s a place for tradition, and there’s a place for innovation, and there is a place for both side by side. Sub-Studio design’s new nursery rhyme prints are a perfect combination of age-old nursery rhymes from past generations and a bold mid-century illustration style that takes them forward through the next.

My favorite has to be the Wise Old Owl (shown). This modern-styled art print wouldn’t be relegated to the nursery in my house; in fact, it’s a message that I would appreciate being reminded of on a daily basis:

    A wise old owl lived in an oak.
    The more he saw the less he spoke.
    The less he spoke the more he heard.
    Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

I love that these hand silk-screened prints don’t reject the kid-ness of nursery rhymes, but also don’t succumb to the idea that anything for kids is naturally bound to be pastel, cartoonish, or look like it was printed in the 19th century.  –Carrie

[via junior society]


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