Modern diaper clutch with one-handed wipe dispenser
My childless co-workers are intrigued by my ability to open almost anything with one hand. I did not possess these mad skillz when I was a new mom. So while the diaper clutches from Kristi G Diaper Bags touted the “EZ-Wipe System,” I was apprehensive. (And not just because it sounded like something more suited to a car wax than a chic accessory.)

As it turns out, I admire the bag’s modern look, stylish cloth and fancy-schmancy G hardware, and seriously, one-handed wipe removal.

Zippering it all back together does take two hands, but by that time, the poop situation is under control, right? Handbag lovers, meet your diaper clutch. – Rita

Get your diaper clutch from designer Kristi G.

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