Ten Thousand Villages School Bus
Of all the things my homeschooled kids miss about not going “back to school” in the traditional sense, it’s not having a daily ride on a school bus that ranks at the top. And now that they’ve caught site of this handmade Painted School Bus & Children toy at Ten Thousand Villages they are even more enamored by the idea of riding a big yellow bus.

If you’re like me, it’s the multi-culture figurines that make the biggest impression since they remind me of my beloved Little People toys of the 70’s with their limbless bodies and shiny smiling faces. I love that it’s all made of fast-growing, eco-friendly Albizia wood and covered in non-toxic paints. Plus, it’s great that the artisans who have worked on this bus are from Sri Lanka’s Gospal House Handicrafts which gives under privileged young people a chance to learn a craft.

What a great gift to get kids excited to “play school.” Even if that consists of 90% recess and 10% snack time.  -Christina

The adorable Painted School Bus & Children is available at Ten Thousand Villages.


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