Mary Kaye's Music Box kids' CD
There is no shortage of princess stuff around my two-daughter household, but that doesn’t mean their CD collection needs to full of sickly sweet commercial voices. In fact, I’m thrilled that they love listening to Mary Kaye’s Music Box, because her voice is so gorgeously rich, deep and unconventionally pretty that I’m totally jealous I can’t sing like her. I’m reminded of Natalie Merchant, but Maine’s Mary Kaye seems to be having a lot more fun singing about creatures of all types — bugs, turtles, robots, fairies — something we loved about her when we reviewed her previous kids’ music album Spin Your Web a few years ago.

My kids enjoy her folksy tales turned into lyrical tunes, from the story of a beloved plastic turtle toy, Turtley Turteloo, to the tongue twister Tasting Tea whose words we’re still trying to get right. I am enchanted by the title song, Music Box, and the personified Sea Water who “waves and she waves and she waves.”

If I had to pick an age for this CD, I’d say it’s probably best for younger kids who can still find magic in the world. And for their parents who want to be there when they find it. -Christina

Grab a copy of Mary Kaye’s Music Box or listen to sample tracks on CD Baby.

Congratulations to Lisa K, lucky winner of a copy of Mary Kaye’s Music Box!


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